Comedian/ Actor/ Writer/ Travel Show Host and public speaker

Dex Carrington

Dex Carrington is a stand up comedian who may be best known from his travel show “Dexpedition” on MTV which has aired in over 20 countries. He is based in Norway, but has done stand up all over the world including the US and Hong Kong. He played the main character in the mocumentary “Dextape” which was released in 2015, he hosted a mini series entitled “Dex does the Gumball”, he played Torstein Horgmo´s manager in the incredibly popular snowboard movie “Horgasm” but his main focus is stand up comedy. He has done stand up for a wide variety of audiences including the military, corporations, students and everything in between. 

If you book Dex Carrington you´re booking an extremely dedicated comic who provides a product consisting of guaranteed laughter ten out of ten times regardless of the setting.